title_1Whether moving or still, mediated images today inhabit and engage with our surrounding spaces in an unprecedented manner. Screens are now ubiquitous in our urban environments, we watch films and images on tiny monitors while being on the move, 3D movies extend cinematic representation into the space of the auditorium, video installations restructure the experience of traditional gallery settings, and digital media of all sorts allow us to expand museums and cinemas way beyond their physical locations. This seminar is meant to develop a viable framework to account for the explosion of mediated images into space and think through its effects on various artistic media and practices. We will read a number of seminal texts about the spatialization of the visual in twentieth- and twenty-first century cultures written by media theorists, cultural historians, philosophers, film scholars, architects, and art critics. As importantly, we will also examine the work of contemporary writers, filmmakers, sound artists, photographers, and video artists eager to probe the omnipresence of different media in contemporary space and to develop new aesthetic possibilities. All readings in English. Open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students.